Sunday, October 12, 2008

Speaker and Subwoofer Edifier X120 Xemal

In terms of efficiency, putting a pair of speakers and subwoofer can create a more narrow and crowded appear on your table. To anticipate the increasingly limited land, manufacturers attempt to minimize the size of their products for ease of placement.

Of course, the performance of the firm to bring the sound is a good thing that should not be lost from the speakers with tiny dimensions. Edifier consider carefully the concept of compact, which can be used for all types of needs, ranging from gaming to listening to music.

X120 Xemal offer 2.1 configuration with a beautiful design. Speaker satellites it uses a driver-sized 2 inches dibalut with a lightweight plastic casing with the ability good enough. While the unit has subwoofer casing is made of particle board, using a 4-inch Woofer. The speakers are equipped with Magnetic shielding.


Model: X120
Channel: 2.1-channel
Power: 2W × 2 +4.5 W
SNR: >=85dB > = 85dB
Speaker Unit: Bass: 4-inch satellite speakers: Magnetically-shielded 2.5-inch +2.5
In the form of regulation: Low side panels regulation of the main speaker volume
Product Size: Bass: 187 * 217 * 187mm, satellite speaker: 85 * 178 * 87 * mm
Weight: About 2.3kg


Adrian Rusli said...

ad remotnya gk??

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